Country Italy
Founder Fassi family
Licensed Properties ThunderCats

Al-Es was an Italian toy company that manufactured various toys and marketed and sold them in Italy. The company was formed and owned by the Fassi family.

In March of 1987, the Fassis agreed to sell AL-ES to LJN Italy, the Italian subsidiary of the American toy company LJN. From March 1987 through most of 1988, Johnny Fassi was employed as general manager of AL-ES and of LJN Italy. Disputes arose between Fassi and LJN Toys, however, and Fassi's employment as manager ended in December of 1988.

Al-Es produced/re-packaged many of the ThunderCats toys that were produced by LJN. These toys were then marketed and sold in Italy. While many of the toys and their packaging made by Al-Es were very much the same as those made by LJN, one unique sub-line of ThunderCats toys that Al-Es made were the "Deluxe Laser Saber with figures" packs.

In these four deluxe packs, Al-Es combined individual ThunderCats figures with the Laser Saber Energy packs and sold them as a deluxe pack. Al-Es produced four such deluxe figures based on their appearance in one of the LJN Mini Catalogs in which the Laser Sabers were advertised with the ThunderCats figures wearing them as follows:

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