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The Arietta Bird is a beautiful bird that frequently visits the Berbil Village. It has a beautiful plume of glittering feathers that would make even a peacock jealous. This magnificent bird also possesses an equally beautiful singing voice and its singing signifies that the Berbils will have a good harvest.

However, its beautiful appearance and voice are also its biggest enemies as they attract a number of evil beings who want to capture the bird. This is most likely why the Arietta Bird's number have dropped significantly and it is most likely that only one of these beautiful creature remains on Third Earth.

One of the evil beings who is particularly obsessed with the Aritetta Bird is the sinister Queen Tartara. She wants to capture the bird and keep it imprisoned in her Crystal Kingdom where the bird would only sing for her alone. However, the ThunderCats foil her plan and rescue the bird.

The bird derives its name from the Italian word "arietta" which is a short piece of operatic music for a solo voice.

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023. The Crystal Queen

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