Bandai Deluxe Role Play Sword of Omens
Bandai Deluxe Role Play Sword of Omens MOC
Company Bandai Toys
Year 2011
Features (see description)
Size 12"
Toy Guide
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Sword of Omens was one of the first deluxe role play toys produced by Bandai Toys as part of their toyline based on the ThunderCats (2011) cartoon series. The toy was based on the cartoon version of Sword of Omens (2011).

This child-sized toy had a number of features as well as having cartoon accurate colors. The Sword was designed to fit inside the Bandai Deluxe Role Play Claw Shield as well.

ThunderCats Bullet Point FeaturesEdit

1. Extendable Blade: The blade can be extended to make the Sword reach almost 2 feet in length.

2. Opening and closing Hilt: Just like its cartoon counterpart, the Sword's hilt could be opened and closed easily.

2. Lights and Sound: The Sword had lights and sounds recorded into it that could be activated with the push of a button. It required batteries to operate. The sounds recorded include "Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, ThunderCats Hooo,", "Give me Sight Beyond Sight" and "ThunderCats Hooo".

ThunderCats Bullet Point GalleryEdit

Bandai Deluxe Sword
Bandai Deluxe Sword2
Bandai Deluxe Sword3

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