Location Cats Lair
Inhabitants ThunderCats
List of all locations

The Basement is one of the rooms within the ThunderCats' fortress, the Cats Lair. This large area is located beneath the lair and is the room where all of the lair's power is generated from.

The basement is equipped with a smelting furnace as well as numerous conduction pipes, levers and machinery. All of the Thundrillium that the ThunderCats obtain is brought to the basement where it is processed. First it is cleaned to remove impurities and then smelted to remove further impurities such as gold which may have mixed with it. The pure liquid Thundrillium is then pumped to the various mechanical equipments of the lair where it powers the whole lair.

The Thundrillium processes in the basement is also used as fuel in the ThunderCats' vehicles like the ThunderTank, Feliner and others.

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