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Birds are one of the many animal species that inhabit Third Earth. These anthropomorphic avians are made up of many different sub-species of birds such as vultures, ravens, and pigeons, among others.

Being the most culturally and technologically advanced civilization on the planet, the Birds have a tendency to be arrogant and patronizing towards the other animal species, whom they believe to be beneath them.

While their true origins are not known, the earliest Birds seen were those enslaved by Mumm-Ra and held captive in his giant Black Pyramid spaceship along with a number of different animal species. Mumm-Ra used the animal slaves to help him locate the Power Stones, whose power would enable him to gain control over the entire universe. The Birds were used to search various planets for the stones via the air.

When Leo and Panthera, two of Mumm-Ra's commanders, staged a rebellion against him, they joined forces with the animal slaves, the Birds included. With their combined might and the Power Stones, they were able to defeat Mumm-Ra. However, a gravitational anomaly caused the Black Pyramid spaceship to crash on Third Earth.

The surviving animal distributed the four Power Stones amongst themselves so as not to allow any one species to have too much power. The Birds took the Tech Stone. While species such as the Cats shunned technology, the Birds embraced it, and with the Tech Stone were able to prosper and achieve great technological advancements.

The Birds split into two factions over the years since their arrival and settlement on Third Earth. One group settled high in the treetops in the Bird Village. This Bird Nation is not as technologically advanced as the other group who kept the Tech Stone and used it to build a massive floating city called Avista high above the clouds.

When the search for the Power Stones led the ThunderCats to Avista, the prefect of the city, Vultaire refused to give them the stone to defeat Mumm-Ra. Not only did he not care about the problems of the surface dwellers, but the stone was what was keeping the city of Avista afloat. After initially imprisoning the ThunderCats, the Birds joined forces with them when Mumm-Ra and his Lizard Army attacked Avista.

Things went terribly awry when Vultaire decided to join forces with Mumm-Ra and Pumyra revealed that she was also a loyal spy of Mumm-Ra's. During the battle between Mumm-Ra and Lion-O, the evil villain took the Tech Stone and made off with it, causing Avista to plummet to the ground. Fortunately, Panthro was able to bring it to a safe landing and saving everybody on it. The surviving Birds then planned to live on the ground until the Berbils could repair Avista and get it floating again.

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07. Legacy
14. New Alliances
25. What Lies Above, Part 1
26. What Lies Above, Part 2

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