Black Hole
Black Hole
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A Black Holeis a region in space which has extremely high gravitational force. The gravity pull is so much that even light can not escape and hence the area appears black. Scientists speculate that it is formed when a star collapses on itself, highly concentrating its mass into a small area. The gravity is so strong because matter has been squeezed into a tiny space. This can happen when a star is dying.

When Mumm-Ra throws the Sword of Omens into what he thinks is a Black Hole, the ThunderCats take over and pilot Captain Shiner's ship the Vertus and fly into it. Once inside, they realize that that particular Black Hole was an artificial one inhabited by NEPTUNE. NEPTUNE is the acronym for Navy Engineers Power Tower Under Nuclear Energy, an artificial intelligence super computer that controls the super power station located inside the artificial Black Hole. It was built by the Venutian Public Works. Its purpose is to clear the space-ways of derelicts, burned out satellites and other dangerous space hazards. NEPTUNE created a giant force field to mimic a Black Hole. It is filled with the debris of old spaceships and satellites which have been attracted into it by the magnetic force of the power station.


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