Origin Earth
Group SilverHawks
Weapons & Accessories
Weapons Hot Licks
Companion Sideman
Voice Actor
Voiced by Larry Kenney
Character Guide
Page List of all characters

Colonel Bluegrass is the second-in-command of the SilverHawks as well as being their main pilot. His cyborg bird companion is Sideman.

Considered to one of the best pilots in the solar system, it is no wonder that Bluegrass was assigned to be the pilot of the SilverHawks' plane, the Miraj. An out and out cowboy, Bluegrass always wears a stetson, a red scarf around his neck and speaks with a Southern American accent.

At the end of each episode, Bluegrass quizzes the Copper Kidd about the various aspects of the universe including planets and stars. This is to provide the young SilverHawk with valuable navigational knowledge which he will need in order to become a pilot himself.

SilverHawks Bullet Point Weapons and EquipmentEdit

Bluegrass' metallic armor is blue in color. Unlike the other members of t he SilverHawks, his armor does not have extending wings or laser shooters. Instead he relies on his electronic guitar, Hot Licks as his main weapon.

The heels of his armor are also fitted with smoke screen shooters which can emit black smoke.

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