Bolo Whip
Bolo Whip
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The Bolo Whip is Tygra's main weapon and was given to him by Jaga on board the Thunderian Flagship when the ThunderCats were fleeing their home planet of Thundera. The weapon is essentially a cross between a whip and bolas, consisting of a whip-like yellow handle and blue cord and three small red bolas-like orbs attached to the cord.

The whip is able to extend to great lengths, enabling Tygra to hit distant objects using it. Tygra is also able to ignite the three balls of the whip by striking the ground with them and then whisk it in the direction of oncoming danger. When not in use, the cord retracts into the sheath of the whip.

The whip's most amazing ability is that it is able to turn Tygra invisible. When he wraps the whip around his body, Tygra is rendered invisible to the naked eye. Also in this state, Tygra is able to swim, an action that he cannot perform while visible.

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