Captain Bragg
Captain Bragg
Origin Unknown
Weapons & Accessories
Weapons Various trick items, Knockout gas, Handcuffs, Mechanical Polar Bear
Voice Actor
Voiced by Bob McFadden
Character Guide
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Captain Bragg is an inter-galactic bounty hunter who travels across space to various locations in his Circus Train. For a small fee, he is willing to rid any planet of their undesirables. Bragg dresses in a colorful outfit, like a ringmaster and is a master showman. He is also a con artist, using various dubious methods to achieve his goals. His assistant and pet is his talking crow Crownan.

ThunderCats Bullet Point StrengthEdit

Like all good con artists, Bragg has the gift of gab and can slyly get things done. His rather unassuming appearance makes his opponents underestimate him, giving him an advantage over them. Bragg also knows how to tempt and lure his victims into his traps.

ThunderCats Bullet Point WeaknessesEdit

Physically Bragg has below average strength. He has no fighting skills whatsoever and relies solely on his tricks and gadgets to defeat and capture his opponents. He is completely useless in hand-to-hand combat.

ThunderCats Bullet Point Weapons and EquipmentEdit

Captain Bragg has a number of tricks and gadgets at his disposal which he uses very cleverly to nab his quarry. From his ability to hypnotize people to his knockout gas and robotic polar bear, Bragg has many tricks up his sleeve. His Circus Train spaceship is also highly advanced, capable of traveling great distances across space and it has many cages in which to imprison all the perpetrators that Bragg catches.

ThunderCats Bullet Point AppearancesEdit

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