Circus Train
Circus Train
User Captain Bragg
Features Intergalactic travel
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The Circus Train is the main mode of transportation of the intergalactic bounty hunter Captain Bragg. It is shaped like a normal locomotive and is brightly colored. It has a number of wagons which are designed like cages to hold prisoners.

The train is operated by a control unit which houses a number of buttons whose function is printed on them in the form of acronyms. Some of these buttons include:

  • CTW - Crack The Whip
  • SU - Straight Up
  • SD - Straight Down
  • BASH - Brakes And Stop Hover

Captain Bragg uses the train as a prisoner transport vehicle. He successfully captured the Mutants and the Lunataks, caged them in his train and then transported them to the prison island of Way Outback.


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