Copper Kidd
Copper Kidd
Origin Planet of the Mimes
Group SilverHawks
Weapons & Accessories
Weapons Lasers, Retractable Talons, Razor-Edged Discs, Smoke Screen Shooters
Companion Mayday
Voice Actor
Voiced by Pete Cannarozzi
Character Guide
Page List of all characters

The Copper Kidd is the youngest member of the SilverHawks. His cyborg bird companion is Mayday.

A mathematical genius, the Copper Kidd is the only member of the SilverHawks who does not hail from Earth. He comes from the Planet of the Mimes, and like them, he has a white face while the rest of his body is light blue in color. He communicates via electronic tones and whistles.

Like all children the Copper Kidd can be impetuous and irresponsible at times, habits that irritate the rest of the team. But he has also shown to be a worthy member by his display of courage and skills. He is a natural acrobat with incredible agility and reflexes.

He is also very eager to learn how to pilot the Miraj. In order to train him, Bluegrass regularly asks him various questions about the universe and the planets, hoping that the knowledge will enable him to better navigate the galaxies.

SilverHawks Bullet Point Weapons and EquipmentEdit

The Copper Kidd's metallic armor is copper colored, hence his name. However, his extendable wings are silver in color like the rest of the team. The armor has laser shooters as well as sharp retractable heel talons and small jets in his shoulders, arms and heels. The heels are also fitted with smoke screen shooters which can emit black smoke.

In addition, he also carries two metallic discs with razor sharp edges on his hips. He can detach and throw them towards any incoming threat to neutralize it.

The Copper Kidd has a miniature computer on his right forearm. With it he can disrupt radio transmissions as well as electronic equipment and even robots like Buzz-Saw. The computer can also activate the Copper Kidd's jet-powered roller skates which emerge from his soles.

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