Darkbird - Title Card
Episode 1.06
Running time 23 min
Original Airdate September 15, 1986
Writer(s) Steve Perry
Previous Episode Stop Timestopper
Next Episode The Backroom
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Darkbird is an episode from SilverHawks. Written by Stephen Perry (credited as Steve Perry), it originally aired on September 15, 1986.

SilverHawk Bullet Point Official SummaryEdit

A mystery Silverhawk blasts his way into Dollare, the bank planet. He terrorizes Lord Cash, the banking boss of Limbo Galaxy and even damages Steelwill when the real Silverhawks fly in to rescue Lord Cash.

SilverHawk Bullet Point StoryEdit

Under Mon*Star’s orders, Hardware creates an evil clone of Quicksilver and name him Darkbird. Mon*Star then instructs Darkbird to fly to the bank planet of Dollare and capture its boss, Lord Cash. Mon*Star intends to then send his Mob to steal all the cash in Dollare, which is pretty much all the money in Limbo Galaxy.

Darkbird zooms to Dollare and the planet’s security system as well as Lord Cash mistake him for t he real Quicksilver and grant him entrance. Once inside, Darkbird reveals his true intentions and ties up Lord Cash. He then awaits the arrival of the Mob to collect all the unguarded loot.

The Silverhawks learn about Darkbird and Mon*Star’s plan through the recording that Tally-Hawk made of them. The gang fly in the Miraj to Dollare but are intercepted en route by Darkbird who severely damages Steelwill’s right arm. Quicksilver orders the SilverHawks to return to Hawk Haven to fix up Steelwill while he alone goes to Dollare to confront his doppelganger.

Quicksilver and Tally-Hawk penetrate Dollare’s defenses. Tally-Hawk goes to search for Lord Cash while Quicksilver faces off with Darkbird. After a tough duel, Quicksilver emerges the victor and he handcuffs Darkbird, planning to take him to Penal Planet 10 for incarceration.

However, he immediately comes under attack from Mon*Star riding Sky-Runner. Knowing very well that he is no match for the mighty villain and his giant squid, Quicksilver tries to dodge Mon*Star’s attacks as much as he can but he eventually gets cornered by the evil planet master. Before Mon*Star can deliver the final blow, the rest of the SilverHawks come to the aid of Quicksilver. They manage to successfully drive Mon*Star away and then free Lord Cash.

SilverHawk Bullet Point CharactersEdit

SilverHawk Bullet Point VehiclesEdit

SilverHawk Bullet Point LocationsEdit

SilverHawk Bullet Point Bluegrass' End QuizEdit

Bluegrass shows the Copper Kidd images of the solar system in his spaceship simulator and asks the following questions:

Qn 1. What is the bright yellow star in the center?
Ans = The Sun
Points = 3

Qn 2. Where do the planets get their light from?

A. The Moon
B. The Sun
C. The Stars

Ans = B. The Sun
Points = 5

SilverHawk Bullet Point MediaEdit

This episode was released on the following media:




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