Origin Third Earth
Weapons & Accessories
Weapons Drill points, Crossbow
Accessories Sands of Sleep
Voice Actor
Voiced by Bob McFadden
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For the article about the 2011 version of this character, see Driller (2011).

Driller is an evil robot who lives deep underground on Third Earth. With a giant drill instead of legs and a smaller drill point at the top of his head, the Driller is essentially a living boring device. He can drill through any material known to man with ease. A mercenary to the core, this denizen of the deep only works for diamonds, which he needs to keep his drill points sharp.

At one time Mumm-Ra paid the Driller to sneak into Cats Lair and kidnap the mighty Panthro for him. Mumm-Ra then used his Cloning Machine to create a duplicate of the ThunderCat and summoned the spirit of Hammerhand to bring it to life and wreak havoc on Third Earth.

Later on Mumm-Ra contracted the Driller again, but this time he ordered the robot to drill a hole from Acid Lake to Cats Lair, hoping that the extremely powerful Ultrasolvic Acid would dissolve the ThunderCats' Fortress. The Driller complied and the acid had started eating away at the foundation of the lair until the ThunderCats managed to neutralize it with Sponge Fog.

The Driller was once again utilized by Mumm-Ra when the devil priest unleashed a mechanical plague upon the ThunderCats. Among the various robotic and mechanical villains that he made to attack the ThunderCats was the Driller who faced off with Cheetara.

The Driller also worked for himself when he decided to join hands with Jackalman in his rebellion against the other Mutants.

ThunderCats Bullet Point StrengthsEdit

Driller's greatest strength is his drilling capabilities. He can easily and quickly bore through any material known. He can use this tactic to confuse his opponent or as a means of quick escape.

The Driller is also very agile and easily able to sidestep an opponent's attacks.

ThunderCats Bullet Point WeaknessesEdit

Driller's biggest handicap is his unavoidable reliance on diamonds, without which he cannot sharpen his drill points. Dull drill points could potentially lead him to become trapped underground forever. Because of this he will work for anyone who can pay him in diamonds.

The Driller also isn't very strong physically nor any good at hand-to-hand combat.

ThunderCats Bullet Point Weapons & EquipmentEdit

When he became part of Jackalman's army, the Driller carried around a Crossbow which he could fire at any opponent.

Also in his arsenal is the Sands of Sleep, a strong anaesthetic substance that can cause a person to immediately lose consciousness.

ThunderCats Bullet Point AppearancesEdit

018. Spitting Image
032. Return of the Driller
044. Jackalman's Rebellion
048. Mechanical Plague

ThunderCats Bullet Point MerchandiseEdit

The toy company LJN produced a Driller action figure as part of its ThunderCats toyline. The figure was released in the third wave of toys that were produced in 1987. Hammerhand was part of the "Ram-pagers" sub-line which also featured the LJN Stinger and the never produced LJN Mad Bubbler. The figure's "Battle-Matic Action" feature was activated by a lever on the back which when squeezed would make the bottom "drill" half of the figure rotate rapidly.

Driller Series 3
Driller Loose Complete3
Driller Loose Complete1
LJN Driller Driller

ThunderCats Bullet Point GalleryEdit

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