Ecology Inspector
Ecology Inspector
Origin Unknown
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Voiced by Earl Hammond
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The Ecology Inspector (E.I.) is person entrusted with the task of making sure that the air, water, and land of every planet stay clean. He belongs to the Interplanetary Control Force, the same department that Mandora hails from. He is constantly traveling from planet to planet in his spaceship and inspecting the universe. His sole companion is his pilot. It is also his duty to arrest any being that pollutes or damaged the environment in any way.

During one of his inspection visits to New Thundera, he was ambushed by Two-Time, the criminal that the Inspector wanted to apprehend. Two-Time made the E.I.’s spaceship crash. Together with the help of the ThunderCats, they were able to defeat Two-Time and put his spaceship Dome-Down to good use.

ThunderCats Bullet Point AppearancesEdit

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