Ecology Inspector’s Spaceship
Ecology Inspector's Spaceship
User Ecology Inspector and his pilot
Features Interstellar Travel
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Ecology Inspector’s Spaceship is a craft that is used by the Ecology Inspector (E.I.) to travel from planet to planet all across the universe in order to inspect the various planets and make sure that their air, water, and land are clean. The ship is capable of travelling for very long distances of many light years without any problem or the need to make regular stopovers.

The spaceship uses the “Space-Way Air-born Navigation” system, or "SWAN" for short. It is a direction finder that emits a song like sound and that is how they locate small planets. The ship itself also has ample storage space for various plant samples that the Ecology Inspector collects. It is driven by the Inspector’s trusty pilot who is also a skilled engineer. The ship does not have any sort of weapons and thus is vulnerable to attack.

During one of the Inspector’s inspection visits to New Thundera, his spaceship was ambushed by Two-Time, the criminal that the Inspector wanted to apprehend. Two-Time made the spaceship crash, severely damaging it. Fortunately, together with the help of the ThunderCats, they were able to defeat Two-Time and put his spaceship Dome-Down to good use.


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