Electric Eel
User Scrape
Features High Voltage Jolts, Space, Air and Sea Mode
Vehicle Guide
Page List of all Vehicles

The Electric Eel is a giant eel shaped vehicle/robot that is controlled by the alien Scrape. It has a long slender body and a head that is shaped like a fierce eel, complete with teeth. It is pinkish in color and has some small fins as well. Its giant eyes are actually the windows of its cockpit. This robotic vehicle has multiple modes of transportation. It can travel in space, which is how Scrape got form his planet of Blue Plunder to Third Earth. It can also fly in Third Earth's atmosphere and is equally operable underwater.

The eel's main form of attack is to wrap itself around any enemy vehicle and squeeze it very hard, damaging the vehicle. It then delivers the final blow by delivering a powerful jolt of electricity to completely put the enemy vehicle out of commission. The eel can electrify its entire body with high intensity voltage.


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