Emmanuelle Chriqui
Emmanuelle Chriqui
Role voice actor
Country Canada, Markham
Born December 10, 1975
Other Works Entourage
The Mentalist
Beware the Batman
Police Academy: The Series
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Emmanuelle Sophie Anne Chriqui is a Canadian actress and voice actress. She provided the voice of the adult Cheetara in the rebooted ThunderCats animated series.

Born in Montreal, Quebec, Chriqui started acting at a very early age, appearing in a McDonald's commercial at the tender age of 10. She then started appearing in guest roles in a number of TV series such as "Are You Afraid of the Dark?", "Forever Knight", "Once a Thief", and "Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal".

She then moved on to doing small roles in Hollywood movies like "Detroit Rock City" and "National Lampoon's Adam & Eve". Chriqui has also provided voice over work for some animated shows and video games.

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