Energy Bat
Energy Bat
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Energy Bat is a strange creature that looks like a bat but made purely of energy. The creature flies by flapping its wings just like an ordinary bat. Being composed entirely of energy, the creature cannot be killed or harmed by traditional weapons.

Safari Joe first learns that Panthro has a fear of bats from his robotic sidekick Mule and his Holojector. Thus when facing Panthro, Joe conjures up an pink colored Energy Bat from his Gattling Gun. Despite Panthro's best efforts to fight the creature, he succumbs to his fear and is easily captured by Safari Joe.

Later when Mumm-Ra infiltrates Cats' Lair by disguising himself as a Berbil, he too conjures up an Energy Bat to tackle Panthro. His Energy Bat however is yellow in color. Once again, Panthro tries but fails to defeat the creature.

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