Fatatah Cheetah
Fatatah Cheetah
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Fatatah Cheetah exists mainly as a statue inside Mumm-Ra 's Black Pyramid . Used by the ancient pharaohs to hunt for them, the Fatatah Cheetah was immortalized in a stone sculpture which adorns Mumm-Ra's chamber. However, using his magical powers, Mumm-Ra is able to bring the statue to life. By chanting the spell, "Ancient Spirits of Evil, turn stone to flesh, blood, sinew and claw!", Mumm-Ra give life to the Fatatah Cheetah and instructs it to bring him the Enchanted Golden Helmet of Phar-Noor .

The Fatatah Cheetah stealthily and swiftly makes its way to theThunderCats ' fortress Cats Lair where it enters Cheetara 's room and lies in wait. As soon as Wizz-Ra emerges from the mirror portal, the cheetah leaps on him, snatching the helmet and taking it back to his master before turning into a statue once again.

ThunderCats Bullet Point AppearancesEdit

033. Dimension Doom

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