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Father Snarf
Thundercat comic US 21
Issue 21
Released March 1988
Pages 32
Original Price $1.00
Writer(s) Dwight Jon Zimmerman
Penciler(s) Jim Mooney
Inker(s) Mike Esposito
Previous Excalibur
Next Bad Playmates

Publishers SummaryEdit

When a baby is left on the doorstep Snarf becomes a father. However, the Mutants kidnap the critter. But these villains will soon discover that it’s easier to deal with the Thundercats than it is rearing a new born. A humorous tale in the life of the Thundercats.


It begins with Snarf finding a cute little cub in a basket, with a note left pleading with whoever finds the babe to care for it. Knowing he's not up to the task (there's grown Lion-O to look after, haha), he heads to Canineville to find a more suitable caretarker. In an amusing sidenote, a plaque by Canineville's entrance reads "Est. 1785 A.D." Anyway, Snarf doesn't understand it, but the townspeople freak out and run him out of town with that 'monster', i.e. the baby. They are kind enough to explain before literally ejecting Snarf from the village, that the child is a 'Hercules' baby - meaning, it's a disaster waiting to happen. Snarf takes the tot home and readies a nursery for it. As he muses about why the Canineians would be so afraid of such a tiny and cute sleeping cub, the child awakes - and its cries shatter the windows! Following, is a mildly amusing sequence in which Snarf scrambles to heat some milk and whip up a makeshift bottle - complete with a rubber glove for the nipple. When he returns to the nursery, the baby is gone. He soon finds the tot in the Lair courtyard, ripping bricks from the Lair's foundation like they were made of foam. When a pile of bricks gives way and buries the child, Snarf fears the worst...only to discover that the cub is invulnerable as well as super strong. Vultureman, lurking nearby, witnesses all of this and thinks the milk Snarf gave the baby is some kind of super-power potion and plots to steal some for himself. That night, Vultureman sneaks into the Lair to steal the formula, but has to take the baby too as he couldn't get the kid to let go of his grip on the bottle. Of course, the cub wakes up and give the Mutants no end of trouble - not to mention that seeing Slithe suck on a nipple was quite disturbing. The child predictably destroys much at Castle Plundarr, until Snarf wakes up and realizes Vultureman cub-napped the child. He's tempted to leave the kid with the Mutants, but out of a sense of duty goes and retrieves the cub. At story's end it turns out the cub's parents just needed a sitter for the weekend, and come to the Lair to take him away.

Notes of InterestEdit

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