Feathered Lizard
Feathered Lizard
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Feathered Lizards are one of the many strange animals that inhabit Third Earth. This particular creature is reptilian in nature and resembles a giant lizard. However, apart from the green scales that cover its body, it also has a pair of feathered wings, similar to a bird. It also has a forked tongue which it darts in and out to check for scent like a snake. The Feathered Lizard lives high in the trees of the forests of Third Earth.

The Female Unicorn Keeper, who can communicate with animals, once learned from the Feathered Lizard that Lion-O had been kidnapped by the Mutants using a booby-trapped NoseDiver. She then passed on this information to Snarf who set out to rescue all his friends.

ThunderCats Bullet Point AppearancesEdit

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