Flupe 2011
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Flupe is a musical instrument that is owned and played by WilyKit. Unlike common flutes which are straight, the Flupe is shaped like a circular tube or ring. It has three holes, one through which to blow air and the other two to control the outflow of air and music.

WilyKit is highly skilled in playing this woodwind instrument. Her favorite tune is the lullaby that her mother used to sing to her and her brother when they were young.

The music from the Flupe is so mesmerizing that WilyKit can use it to calm and sedate wild beasts and even angry people. The Flupe's music has helped her to escape dangerous situations many times, thanks to its hypnotic music.

The Flupe was most useful when WilyKit played it with the Elephants who were playing their own music on their trunks. The combined music was strong enough to shatter and destroy the Stone Giant, a creature that no weapon appeared to have any effect on.

The Flupe was stolen by Tookit once but was recovered by WilyKit and her brother.

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