Forest Spirits
Forest Spirits 2011
Origin Third Earth
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Forest Spirits are spiritual entities that dwell in the magical Forest of Magi Oar. They live in the trees of the forest.

The ThunderCats first encounter the Forest Spirits when they come to the forest in the hopes of helping Lion-O master the Sword of Omens' "Sight Beyond Sight". When Lion-O burns some wood for firewood, the Forest Spirits emerge.

Thinking that the spirits may be evil ghosts, the ThunderCats attack them but fail to do any harm. Lion-O tries to use the Sword of Omens against the spirits but since they are not evil, it refuses to act. At that moment, Zig and his two followers Gami and Nips, arrive at the scene and pretend to rescue the Cats by using their paper magic to dispense the spirits.

ThunderCats 2011 Bullet Point AppearancesEdit

11. The Forest of Magi Oar

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