Giant Caterpillar
Giant Caterpillar
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Giant Caterpillar is one of the huge insects that dwell in the Forest of Giant Insects. This pinkish worm-like larva spends most of its time burrowed underground. It only surfaces to feed, which it does by capturing its prey in its strong pincers and then dragging them underground.

The ThunderCats encountered the Giant Caterpillar when they were forced to take a detour through the Forest of Giant Insects as they were rushing to Cats Lair with the Sponge Fog. Along the way, the Giant Caterpillar grabbed Lion-O without any of the other ThunderCats noticing. The massive larva was about to carry Lion-O underground when the young lord used the Sword of Omens to summon the other ThunderCats and they rescued him from the clutches of the Giant Caterpillar.

ThunderCats Bullet Point AppearancesEdit

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