Giant Snapping Turtle
Giant Snapping Turtle
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The Giant Snapping Turtle is a massive reptile that dwells in the Baleful Swamp. It usually remains partially submerged in the swamp with only the top of its shell visible above the surface. When disturbed, the turtle becomes extremely violent, attacking anyone in close proximity without mercy.

Following the instructions of the Guardian of the Book of Omens to prevent the destruction of New Thundera, Bengali and Snarfer took the Golden Oar in the HoverCat to the Baleful Swamp. However, when they mistakenly thought the top of the turtle's shell ot be an island and landed on it, the giant reptile arose and lunged at them. In the commotion, the HoverCat fell into the swamp waters. Fortunately, when the ThunderCat duo presented the Golden Oar at the 24th hour, the entire swamp was transformed back into a beautiful lake and the Sacred Barge appeared. The Giant Turtle also changed into a beautiful island.

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