Glasslite Toys Logo
Country Brazil
Years Active 1966-2001
Industry Toys
Headquarters São Paulo, Brazil
Licensed Properties ThunderCats, Star Wars, Dinosaucers

Glasslite (Glasslite S.A. Indústria de Plásticos) was a Brazilian toy manufacturer founded in 1966. Its headquarters was located in São Paulo. The company was one of the biggest producer and distributor in Brazil of toys based on popular American movies and TV shows.

Some of the toylines made by Glasslite include "Star Wars", "The A-Team", "Knight Rider", "MacGyver", and "Dinosaucers". These were all manufactured under official licenses acquired from the respective copyright holders.

In the mid 1980s when the popularity of ThunderCats had reached South America, Telepictures Corporation licensed Glasslite to produce the ThunderCats toys and distribute them in the Brazilian market. The company manufactured a number of the action figures and vehicles that were made by LJN Toys. Apart from these Glasslite also produced a number of Miniature ThunderCats figures and playsets that were originally made in North America by the company Kidworks.

Since Glasslite manufactured their own ThunderCats toys instead of just repackaging the LJN ones like Otto Simon Toys and Grand Toys did, there were some noticeable differences and variations between the toys made by Glasslite and those made by LJN. Perhaps the most obvious difference between the two was that while LJN glued together the front and back pieces of their figures' torsos, Glasslite attached them with screws. Thus Glasslite figures can be easily distinguished from other ThunderCats figures by the presence of three screw-holes on their back. Even many of their vehicles were joined together by screws.

Another difference lied in the packaging of the Glasslite toys. The evil ThunderCats characters were packaged in clear plastic bubble that was glued on card backs, just like the LJN packaging. But the good ThunderCats characters came enclosed in a clear plastic bubble that was packed inside an open-front box.

Just like LJN, Glasslite produced and released their ThunderCats toys in three waves. However, the figures and vehicles produced in each wave differed from those made by LJN. Glasslite never manufactured any of the LJN Series 3 characters like Bengali, Jaga, Safari Joe and Mongor among others.

ThunderCats Bullet Point Series 1Edit

Lion-O (regular)
Lion-O Deluxe Edition (with PVC Snarf and Light-up eyes)

ThunderTank (Thundertanque)

Sword of Omens

ThunderCats Bullet Point Series 2Edit

Jackalman (Chacal)
Monkian (Simiano)

SkyCutter (Nave Navalha)
ThunderClaw (Thunderjet)

ThunderCats Bullet Point Series 3Edit

Slithe (Escamoso)
Mummy Mumm-Ra
Vultureman (Abutre)

NoseDiver (Fura-Rocha)

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