Glasslite Vultureman
Company Glasslite Toys
Features Battle-Matic Action, 5 points of articulation
Accessories Clawed Staff
Size 6"
Asst. # 3515
Toy Guide
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Vultureman was one of the first ThunderCats action figures produced in the second series of ThunderCats toys by Glasslite Toys. The figure was based on the original 1980s cartoon version of Vultureman. Standing a solid 6 inches tall, the Vultureman figure had action features as well as poseable arms, legs and head, thanks to 5 points of articulation. The figure also came equipped with a Clawed Staff


1. Battle-Matic Action: Like many of the Glasslite ThunderCats toys, the Vultureman figure featured a lever on its back and pushing down this lever with the forefinger would make the figure's right arm move up and down.

2. Poseable limbs and head: The Vultureman figure had 5 points of articulation, 2 at the shoulders, 2 at the hips and 1 at the neck. These points allowed the figure to be posed in a variety of action poses.

Battle-Matic Action
Battle-Matic Action


Clawed Staff: Made of a grey plastic the Clawed Staff was designed to fit either into one of the figure's hands or be held by both hands.

LJN Vultureman Accessory
Clawed Staff

ThunderCats Bullet Point Glasslite vs LJNEdit

Even though the Glasslite figure used the same basic design of the LJN figure, there were some differences between the two:

Screws: While the front and back halves of the LJN figures' bodies were glued together, the Glasslite figures were joined together by three screws. Thus on the back of all Glasslite figures are visible three screw holes.

Foreign Variations and ReleasesEdit


Vultureman Loose
Vultureman Loose

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