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Guardians of the Crown or Clerics are a special group of Thunderians who are entrusted with the task of advising and protecting the royal family of Thundera. They also protect the two powerful Thunderian artifacts - the Sword of Omens and the Book of Omens.

The Clerics are superb fighters and have the ability to travel at super speed. They have to endure rigorous training and pass all the necessary trials before they can join the group. The trials test not only their speed but also their patience.

Many years ago, in order to prevent the Book of Omens from falling into the wrong hands, a group of Clerics took it with them and hid it a magical tower that they built in order to protect it. They locked themselves in with the book, sacrificing their lives so that the Book's location may remain a secret.

In present times, Jaga has taken over leadership of the Clerics. He and his Clerics were present at the anointment ceremony of Lion-O. They also came to King Claudus' aid during the battle to protect Thundera from Mumm-Ra and his Lizard army.

Unfortunately, all the Clerics were killed in the battle, except for Jaga and Cheetara. And after Jaga sacrificed himself to save Lion-O, Cheetara now remains the only surviving member of the Guardians of the Crown.

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