Location Cats Lair
Inhabitants ThunderCats
List of all locations

The Hangar is one of the rooms within the ThunderCats' fortress, the Cats Lair. Located on the ground floor of the lair, the hangar is area where the ThunderCats' vehicles are parked.

The area serves, not only as a parking zone for the ThunderCats' vehicles, it also doubles as a garage for repairing them. It is a considerably large area, capable of holding the ThunderTank, ThunderClaw, HoverCat, Whisker and even the mighty Feliner.

The entrances and exits of the hangar are the two giant cat paws which can lift up at a 45 degree angle to allow the vehicles to leave and enter the lair. The paws can be controlled form the main Main Control Room as well as from within the hangar.

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