He-Man/ThunderCats 2
He-ManThunderCats 2 - Preview - Cover - 001
Issue 2 of 5
Released November 16, 2016
Pages 32
Original Price 3.99
Previous He-Man/ThunderCats 1
Next He-Man/ThunderCats 3

He-Man/ThunderCats 2 was the second issue in a six-part limited series by DC Comics. It featured characters from Masters of the Universe and ThunderCats.

ThunderCats Bullet Point Publishers DescriptionEdit

When Thunder Strikes:

He-Man has lost control of his Power Sword... just as he’s forced to battle dozens of mutants and minions of evil from two worlds - Evil-Lyn, Slithe, Beastman, Jackalman and more! With only his bare hands for weapons, and with the Power of Grayskull never more vulnerable, will any man help He-Man stand against the forces of evil? Fortunately for Eternia, a new breed of heroes has arrived!

ThunderCats Bullet Point CharactersEdit

Below are the characters that appeared from both the ThunderCats and the Masters of the Universe franchises.


Masters of the UniverseEdit

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ThunderCats Bullet Point Related ComicsEdit

The following comics are also apart of the He-Man/ThunderCats limited series by DC Comics.

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