Icon Heroes
Icon Heroes logo
Country U.S.A
Years Active 2010 - present
Industry Mini Statues, Staction Figures and Minimates Toys
Headquarters California
Licensed Properties Masters of the Universe, Star Trek, ThunderCats

Icon Heores is a leading manufacturer of pop culture toys, collectibles, and licensed office products in America. Specializing in mini statues and staction figures, Icon Heroes bring popular characters to life and strive to accurately recreate characters from favorite 1980's animated television shows and beyond. Some of their licensed properties include Masters of the Universe, Star Trek and ThunderCats.

Icon Heroes produced a number of statues and staction figures based on the original 1980s ThunderCats cartoon series' characters as well as a line of "Minimates".

ThunderCats Bullet Point Mini StatuesEdit

ThunderCats Bullet Point Staction FiguresEdit

ThunderCats Bullet Point MinimatesEdit

ThunderCats Minimates

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