Kidworks Eye of Thundera Playset
Kidworks Eye of Thundera Playset
Company Kidworks Toys
Year 1986
Accessories Kidworks Jackalman or Kidworks Monkian
Size 6"
Asst. # 1056
Toy Guide
Previous Kidworks Cat's Lair Playset
Next Kidworks Weapon Pack for Miniatures

Eye of Thundera Miniature playset was produced by Kidworks Toys in the 1980s as part of its ThunderCats Mini-Figure line. The playset was not based on any building from the original 1980s ThunderCats cartoon series. The playset came with one figure included


Kidworks Jackalman or Kidworks Monkian: The playset included either the miniature Jackalman or Monkian figure.


  • Catapult Action


Kidworks Eye of Thundera Playset
U.S.A release U.S.A box back

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