Kidworks Mumm-Ra's Crypt
Kidworks Mumm-Ra Crypt
Company Kidworks Toys
Year 1986
Accessories Mummy Mumm-Ra Figure and Coffin
Size 6"
Asst. # 1046
Toy Guide
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Mumm-Ra's Crypt Miniature playset was produced by Kidworks Toys in the 1980s as part of its ThunderCats Mini-Figure line. The playset was based on the original cartoon series version of Mumm-Ra's Tomb located inside the Black Pyramid.


1. Miniature Mummy Mumm-Ra: The playset included the a miniature mummy figure of Mumm-Ra.

2. Coffin: The playset also included a brown plastic coffin that could open and close and could fit the included mummy Mumm-Ra figure inside it.


  • Simulated Flashing Eyes
  • Secret Passageway
  • Opening Coffin
  • Rotating Wall


Kidworks Mumm-Ra Crypt
U.S.A release U.S.A box back

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