Kidworks Toys
Kidworks Toys logo
Country U.S.A
Industry Toys
Headquarters New York
Licensed Properties ThunderCats

Kidworks was an American toy company whose headquarters was in New York. The company was licensed in the mid 1980s by Telepictures Corporation to manufacture miniature ThunderCats figures and playsets.

The figures made by Kidworks were roughly half the size of those made by LJN Toys, to whom they bore much similarity. Each figure also came equipped with at least one weapon/accessory. However, unlike the LJN action figures, the Kidworks Miniatures lacked any point of articulation, making them essentially mini statuettes.

Kidworks only made figures based on the first and second series of figures made by LJN. The third series figures made by the latter, such as Bengali, Lynx-O, Pumyra etc, were never produced by Kidworks. Kidworks also never manufactured any of the ThunderCats vehicles. However, they did produce three playsets for the line.

Kidworks also distributed its Miniature ThunderCats toys in Canada but with a slightly different packaging. While the U.S. backing cards featured a white splash printed behind the figure and a catalog of the toyline printed on the back, the Canadian backing cards lacked both the white splash background as well as the catalog on the back.

In America "Kidworks" made the original line of the ThunderCats miniature figures and playsets. The figure's packing cards had a white splash design on the front and pictures of other toys in the Miniature line on the back.

ThunderCats Bullet Point Miniature FiguresEdit



ThunderCats Bullet Point Vehicles, Playsets, Accessories & Multi-Figure PacksEdit

Mumm-Ra's Crypt
Cat's Lair Playset
Eye of Thundera
Weapon Pack for Miniatures
Lion-O Transport Belt for Miniatures
Hero 4 Pack
Mutant 4 Pack

ThunderCats Bullet Point International DistributionEdit

Just like LJN, Kidworks also employed their sister companies or affiliates to manufacture, market and distribute their Miniature ThunderCats toyline in various countries.

The following imprints were responsible for producing and/or marketing the Kidworks figures in their respective countries:

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