Kidworks Tuska
Company Kidworks Toys
Year 1986
Accessories Gun
Size 3"
Asst. # 1001
Toy Guide
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Next Kidworks Hatchiman

Tuska Miniature Figure was produced by Kidworks Toys in the 1980s as part of its ThunderCats Mini-Figure line. The figure was based on the original cartoon series version of Tuskas. Unlike the action figures ThunderCats Toys produced by other toy companies, the miniature figures did not have any articulation or movable parts and hence were essentially mini statuettes.

ThunderCats Bullet Point AccessoriesEdit

Gun: The only accessory included with the figure was the Gun. Teh gattling gun was similar in appearance to the one included with the LJN Tuska Warrior and was made of black plastic.

ThunderCats Bullet Point ReleasesEdit

Kidworks Cardback
U.S.A release U.S.A card back

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