LJN Luna Tacker
Luna Tacker Toy
Company LJN Toys
Year Unreleased
Accessories Six Projectiles
Size 12"
Toy Guide
Previous LJN Thunderstrike

Luna Tacker is one of the unproduced ThunderCats toys that were made by LJN Toys. The figure is based on the original 1980's cartoon version of the Lunataks' ground vehicle, the Luna Tacker.

Featured prominently in the later LJN Mini Catalogs, the Luna Tacker would have been one of the larger vehicles in the ThunderCats line. Measuring an impressive 12 inches from nose to tail, the Luna Tacker was packed full of various features. Despite its size, the figure only had room to seat one ThunderCats LJN action figure.

Even though the vehicle was piloted by the Lunataks in the cartoon, the toy version was always depicted with the LJN Captain Shiner at the helm. This was most likely due to the fact that LJN never got around to producing any Lunataks figures. Only the LJN Red Eye was designed but it never went into production.


1. Fireball Shooting Action: Like many of the LJN ThunderCats toys, the Luna Tacker was also going to possess a unique "Battle-Matic Action". The vehicle would have been capable of shooting "fireball" projectiles. A lever at the back of the vehicle controlled this by moving the head up and down.

2. Creaking Claws: The vehicles moved by using its two giant claws to push it along the ground. The clawing action would have resulted in a creaking sound being produced.


Unreleased: Despite being advertised in some catalogs, the Luna Tacker never went into production.

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