LJN Quickjaws
Quickjaws prototype
Company LJN Toys
Year Unreleased
Features Extending and Biting Jaws, 2 points of articulation
Size 4"
Toy Guide
Previous LJN Cannon Blaster
Next LJN Mad Bubbler

Quickjaws is one of the unproduced ThunderCats toys that were made by LJN Toys. Even though the figure appeared in catalogs as part of the "Berserkers" sub-line, the character never actually appeared in any of the original 1980s cartoon series.

ThunderCats Bullet Point FeaturesEdit

1. Extending and Biting Jaws: Like many of the LJN ThunderCats figures, the Cannon Blaster figure was also going to possess a unique "Battle-Matic Action". In this case the toy was going to have large snapping jaws. The head and jaws of the figure would extend out from its body in a scissor-like biting action whenever a button on its back was pressed. Upon releasing the button, the head and jaws would retract into the body where they would remain hidden by the front cover of the figure's outfit.

2. Poseable limbs and head: The figure had 2 points of articulation at the shoulders. These points allowed the figure to be posed in a variety of action poses.

The Quickjaws figure was featured prominently in the LJN "Mini Catalogs" alongside the other Berserkers, LJN Hammerhand, LJN Top Spinner, LJN Ram Bam, LJN Cruncher, and another unproduced Berserker, Cannon Blaster.

Even though in catalogs the figure is shown with an orange outfit, some prototypes of the figure that have surfaced, appear to have a brown outfit.

While still in the developmental stage, the figure was named "Trapjaws". This was changed to "Quickjaws" due to there already being a character by the name of "Trapjaw" in the "He-Man and Masters of the Universe" cartoons.

LJN Berserkers
LJN Catalogue showing
unproduced figures

ThunderCats Bullet Point ReleasesEdit

Unreleased: Despite being advertised on some catalogs, the Quickjaws figure never went into production.

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