LJN Thunderstrike
Thunderstrike toy
Company LJN Toys
Year Unreleased
Accessories Two Detachable Pods
Size 12"
Toy Guide
Previous LJN Feliner
Next LJN Luna Tacker

ThunderStrike is one of the unproduced ThunderCats toys that were made by LJN Toys. The vehicle is based on the original 1980's cartoon version of the ThunderCats' spacecraft, the ThunderStrike.

Measuring almost 12 inches across, the Thunderstrike would have been a considerably big vehicle. Just like its cartoon counterpart, the Thunderstrike was designed mainly for the New ThunderCats, Lynx-O, Bengali, and Pumyra, even though any three LJN figures would have just as easily fitted inside the ship.

ThunderCats Bullet Point FeaturesEdit

1. Air and Ground Mode: Like many of the LJN ThunderCats toys, the Thunderstrike was also going to possess a unique "Battle-Matic Action". The ship would have been capable of converting between air and ground mode thanks to extending and retracting wings, just like the cartoon version of the vehicle. In ground mode, the wings would retract, giving the vehicle an A-shaped appearance. While flying in air mode, the wings would extend outwards, away from the ship.

2. Detachable Pods: The ship was actually made up of three separate vehicles. The main central ship had two smaller pod-like ships attached to its sides. Each of these ships could seat one figure and easily detach and re-attach back with the main ship. When detached, each of the pods could extend their own pair of wings which would normally remain retracted and hidden inside the body of the pod.

3. Laser Interaction: Each of the three ships making up the Thunderstrike would have had both laser cannons and laser receivers to allow for interactive play with other Laser sensitive toys such as the LJN Cats Lair and all four of the Laser Sabers backpacks.

4. Voice recordings: The Thunderstrike would have also come included with prerecorded audio messages. These would have been activated whenever the vehicle was hit directly by laser beams from the other Laser sensitive toys.

Due to never reaching production stage, very little is known about the Thunderstrike. But based on its advertised features, it is very likely that the vehicle would have required batteries to operate some of its features.

The vehicle itself received very little advertising, appearing in only a handful of catalogs and the back of the Laser Saber Cards. This suggests that LJN had most likely scrapped plans for the toy's release very early into production.

ThunderCats Bullet Point ReleasesEdit

Unreleased: Despite being advertised in some catalogs, the ThunderStrike never went into production.

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