Land of No Return
Land of No Return
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The Land of No Return is a place on New Thundera. It is separated from the main landscape by a glowing energy barrier. The Land of No Return is a place where ancient Thunderians had banished the evil creature Amortus. It is a dark and dreary place, devoid of all life. Amortus resides in a giant cave in the side of a mountain. Any Thunderian who dared to venture there was turned to stone by Amortus' touch and now these stone statues adorn his cave.

Unable to escape from the Land of No Return by himself, Amortus asks Mumm-Ra for help. The mummy agrees only on the condition that Amortus destroy Lynx-O. Amortus draws Lynx-O into the Land of No Return and the other ThunderCats follow. After a lengthy battle which Amortus had almost won, Lion-O uses the Sword of Omens to awaken the stone statues who defeat Amortus as well as destroying the Land of No Return for good.


127. Touch of Amortus

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