MacPlay Toys
Macplay Toys logo
Country Mexico
Industry Toys
Headquarters Mexico
Licensed Properties ThunderCats

Macplay was a toy manufacturer based in Mexico. Sometime during the mid 1980s, Telepictures Corporation. licensed MacPlay to manufacture and distribute the ThunderCats toys in the Mexican market.

MacPlay mostly distributed the ThunderCats toys that were made in the U.S. and U.K. For this reason a large number of MacPlay ThunderCats toys were actually those that were made by Rainbow Toys, with MacPlay merely placing stickers of their logo and company details and address on the toys' packaging.

Apart from distribution, MacPlay did manufacture some of the ThunderCats figures and vehicles on their own. For this reason, there were distinct differences and variations between such toys and their LJN counterparts. The quality of the plastic used for the MacPlay figures was of lower quality than that utilized by LJN and there were some differences in the color application as well.


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