Origin Third Earth
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Weapons None
Accessories Cloak
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Voiced by Bob McFadden
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Maftet is an ancient Lynx God of Third Earth. He was once very powerful and wealthy and worshiped by many. Unfortunately, he was too obsessed with his treasure and spent years guarding it and due to years of confinement, he has become very weak. He lives in a treasure chamber beneath Mumm-Ra's Black Pyramid.

Lion-O once encountered Maftet when he was making his way to Mumm-Ra's Pyramid as part of his Anointment Trials. He accidentally stumbled upon Maftet's treasure room and the Lynx God lunged on him. But due to his weakened state, he could not do any sufficient harm and nearly collapsed from weakness. Lion-O helped him to his feet. Seeing that Lion-O is a good being, Maftet thanked him and warned him not to go through the door which led to Mumm-Ra's chamber. But as it was part of his trial, Lion-O had to go.

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