Magical Doll
Magical Doll
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The Magical Doll is a seemingly innocent looking child's toy figure. In reality it is the demonic Mirror Wraith who has been transformed into a doll by Mumm-Ra. This blonde haired doll wears a bright green dress and her belt buckle has the ThunderCats symbol on it.

As part of his evil scheme to secretly sneak the Mirror Wraith inside the New Cats Lair, Mumm-Ra changed the demon into the Magical Doll and then gave it to Leah, claiming that it will help her to locate her missing parents. Once inside the lair, the doll would change to the Mirror Wraith and wreak havoc in the lair, destroying all the lair's electronics. The Wraith would then quickly revert back to the form of the doll to hide from the ThunderCats.


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