Magical Flute
Magical Flute
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The Magical Flute is one of the pieces of the Treasure of Thundera. It looks like a normal flute but branches in the middle into two woodwind tubes. It also bears the ThunderCats insignia on it. The flute itself is made of shiny silver metal.

The flute gives its player total control over all animals including Snarfs and Ma-Mutt. The flute was found by Cheetara on New Thundera.

Initially the ThunderCats in the form of ThunderCubs used the flute to play tricks on Snarf and Snarfer, but later on they used it to bring Ma-Mutt under control and stop him from attacking Lion-O. Even Snarf was able to use the flute on Ma-Mutt. Later on, Lion-O used the flute to make Ma-Mutt take him and Snarf back to Third Earth by piloting the Mumm-Raft



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