Maze of Infinity
Maze of Infinity2
Location Third Earth
Inhabitants Under-Earthmen
List of all locations

The Maze of Infinity is a location on Third Earth. It is essentially a network of many interconnected caves and tunnels. It has one entrance and one exit and due to its intricate pathways, it is very easy to get lost inside the maze. The center part of the map of the maze strangely resembles the ThunderCats emblem.

Apart from the numerous caves and pathways, the Maze also has underwater streams with very dense putty-like water. The Maze also serves as the home of the reclusive Under-Earthmen. Following the persecution of their ancestors by "Overlords" many centuries ago, the Under-Earthmen have taken refuge inside the Maze of Infinity where they also keep their precious books.

For Lion-O's third anointment trial, he had to face the ThunderKittens in the Maze of Infinity. The objective of the trial was to reach the exit of the Maze before the Wily twins.


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