Mezco 14" Plush Snarf
Mezco Plush Snarf Loose
Company Mezco Toys
Accessories Informative Hang Tag
Size 8"
Toy Guide
Previous Mezco 14" Phasing Tygra Figure

ThunderCats Bullet Point Product DescriptionEdit

Straight from Third Earth comes one of the most beloved members of the ThunderCats family — Snarf.

Originally the nursemaid to young Lion-O, Snarf became the comedic — yet fiercely loyal — sidekick of the ThunderCats as Lion-O grew older.

The Snarf plush stands a snarfing eight inches tall and comes with an informative hang tag. Huggable and soft, he is ready to snuggle and watch TV or stand sentry over a ThunderCats collection — while snarfing, of course.

Just like the Mega Scale Phasing Tygra Figure, the Plush Snarf was released as a San Diego Comic Convention (SDCC) Exclusive was only.

ThunderCats Bullet Point Notes of InterestEdit

  • The Mezco Plush Snarf is very similar in appearance and design to the LJN Plush Snarf which was made by LJN Toys in the 1980s. These two plush Snarfs are the only ThunderCats soft toys ever made by any toy company.
Mezco Plush Snarf Loose

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