Mine Madness is a condition in which a person becomes consumed by any evil that exists in their hearts. The condition is caused by inhaling the fumes inside the bubbles that are produced by the Mad Bubbler. Once afflicted by Mine Madness, the person's eyes glow red and they repeatedly chant, "Destroy or be destroyed!".

The Mad Bubbler dwells deep inside the old abandoned Thundrillium Mine which is located on Hook Mountain. Any unsuspecting victim who enters the mind is quickly captured inside the bubbles blown by the evil creature. The resulting Mine Madness causes the victim to fight any other victim to the death.

The Lunataks become afflicted with Mine Madness when they enter the mine, as do Tygra, Panthro and Cheetara. The only creatures who are completely immune to Mine Madness are the Snarfs, as they are devoid of any evil tendencies.

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