Mutant Ship
Mutant Ship
User Mutants
Features Weapons, Maeuverability
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Mutants Ship is a smaller Mutant attack spacehsip. Dark green in color, these ships are much smaller than the Mutant Mothership. They only seat one person and are piloted by a variety of different Mutants including Retilians, Monkians, and Jackalmen. They are armed with laser cannons and are extremely maneuverable and fast.

When the Mutants decided to steal the Eye of Thundera from the Thunderian Royal Flagship, they attacked its envoy Thunderian Ships with a horde of Mutant Ships. The Thunderian Ships did fight back and destroyed a few of the Mutants Ships but they were overwhelmed by the very large number and agility and speed of the Mutant Ships. Eventually the Mutant Ships succeeded in destroying all the envoy ships, leaving only the Flagship intact. Then the Mutant Mothership grabbed it with its powerful tractor beams and the Mutants boarded it forcefully.


001. Exodus

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