Origin Third Earth
Group Warrior Maidens
Weapons & Accessories
Weapons Bow and Arrow, Knife, Rope
Voice Actor
Voiced by Lynne Lipton
Character Guide
Page List of all characters

Nayda is the younger sister of Willa, the leader of the Warrior Maidens tribe, and someone in whom Willa often confides her concerns or suspicions. Like Willa, Nayda is slightly suspicious of others outside of her fellow Warrior Maidens, but has a much softer and more personable nature than Willa. As with most if not all Warrior Maidens, Nayda is brave and loyal, and like Willa has proven herself to be a valuable friend to the ThunderCats.

Before moving to New Thundera for good, Lion-O appoints Nayda to be one of the member of the League of Third Earth, a group of ThunderCats' allies formed to safeguard Third Earth and its inhabitants in the absence of the ThunderCats.

ThunderCats Bullet Point AppearancesEdit

005. Trouble With Time
009. The Garden of Delights
013. Lord of the Snows
018. Spitting Image
025. Lion-O’s Anointment Second Day: The Trial of Speed
036. The Thunder-cutter
049. Lion-O’s Anointment Final Day: The Trial of Evil
054. Out of Sight
078. Mask of Gorgon
100. Exile Isle
111. Return to Thundera - Part I

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