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Weapons Flying Stars, Sword
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Voiced by Earl Hammond
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The Ninja is an ancient Japanese mercenary skilled in the martial art of Ninjitsu. Clad in black from head to toe with only his glowing white eyes visible, the Ninja is the embodiment of stealth and secrecy. He is an assassin who, unlike the samurai, has no code or honor and works only for the highest bidder. At his disposal he has an arsenal of deadly weapons such as flying stars and a katana sword.

After Mumm-Ra's plan to use Hachiman to kill Lion-O filed, he summoned the Ninja from his cauldron. Taking on the guise of a Tabbut, the Ninja infiltrated the Warrior Maidens' Treetop Kingdom where Slithe was being held prisoner. After freeing the Mutant, the Ninja tried to attack Hachiman but the samurai proved to be a better swordsman and destroyed the Ninja once and for all.

ThunderCats Bullet Point AppearancesEdit

27. The Thunder-Cutter

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