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Octopoid is an enormous octopus-like beast. With a single huge eye and a crushing beaky mouth, the Octopoid also possesses eight giant tentacles. What makes this creature even more dangerous is the presence of huge snapping claws at the end of each of its tentacles.

Dwelling in the dark depths of the Black Tower of Robber Baron Karnor, the Octopoid is part of one of the sinister booby traps invented by the evil Baron Karnor to protect his treasure. Hidden from view in a pit underneath the carpet of a seemingly harmless room, the Octopoid comes to life when any unsuspecting victim enters the chamber.

Lion-O first encounters the giant cephalopod when he and WilyKit enter the tower to rescue their fellow ThunderCat, WilyKat. Walking straight into the Baron's trap, Lion-O ends up getting entangled in a carpet and dangled helplessly over the hungry mouth of the Octopoid. It is only by sheer luck that the young lord manages to escape by jamming a shield lying nearby into the monster's ravenous beak.

ThunderCats Bullet Point AppearancesEdit

008. The Tower of Traps

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